Current Collaborators and other Affiliations for David Cowburn


    The following are current collaborators or co-authors of the last five years, co-PI's in the last five years, current co-PI's on funded or proposed activities of which David Cowburn is PI, supervisors of grad students with DC committee membership, or long term colleagues.
    Name Affiliation
    Aaronson, S. MSSM
    Allis, C.D. Rockefeller U.
    Bodenhausen, G. École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France
    Burz, DS State University of New York at Albany
    Debnath, A NY Blood Center
    Ferrage, F New York Structural Biology Center; École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France ; MSSM
    Ghose, R City University of New York
    Kotula, Leszek NY Blood Center
    McDermott, A Columbia University
    Mohammadi, M NYU
    Muir, TW Princeton University
    Shekhtman, A State University of New York at Albany
    Amit Singer Princeton University

    Institutional Affiliations Comment
    Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University Home Institution
    New York Structural Biology Center Previous Employer
    Mount Sinai School of Medicine Adjunct Faculty, P41 Advisory Committee
    City University of New York Advisory Group, ASRC

    Current Financial Interest Disclosure.

    David Cowburn declares no actual additional conflicts of interest and reports financial relation with Coferon LLc, D.E.Shaw Research, Merck, Momenta, MPM Capital LLC, Radius LLC, and Rhythm Pharmaceuticals LLC.